Shining a Spotlight on Sundance With Billy Rose

  • Blair Chang
  • 01/20/20
Before helping launch The Agency, Billy Rose was deeply immersed in the entertainment industry—for years he served as an entertainment lawyer and later as a motion picture agent at a top L.A. talent firm. Today, as the Agency’s President and Co-Founder, Billy maintains a strong network of contacts in the industry. He’ll have boots on the ground at this month’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, where The Agency is hosting an event with local boutique O.C. Tanner Jewelers—but before he left L.A., we asked Billy to weigh in on some of our most pressing Sundance-centric questions.

You Have a Strong Background in the Entertainment Industry—why Do You Think It Is Important for the Agency to Be Present at Sundance?

During Sundance, Park City hosts some of the most creative, powerful and famous Hollywood players. For some, it is their first introduction to Park City, and they leave with a burning desire to return soon. Park City is one of the quickest and easiest ski areas to get to from L.A., and we want to remind people that, should they want to buy, sell or rent in Park City, we are here to give them the same expert guidance they’ve come to expect in Los Angeles.

How Does the Industry Play Into Our Success at the Agency?

Having worked at—and with—the major talent agencies and entertainment law firms, I understand the benefit of operating as a unified and collaborative organization. I’ve always thought it counter-intuitive for brokerages to encourage agents to brand themselves with their own logos and coats of arms. Your brokerage should be a credit enhancer, not something from which you brand away. Today, real estate brokerages operate like “WeWorks” – providing an office, a receptionist and a copy machine for agents each operating in their own silo doing their own thing under their own banner. I believe our adoption of the entertainment industry’s whole firm, “team approach” has been one of the cornerstones to our success.

How Do You Think the Agency Embodies the Indie Spirit of Sundance?

We are constantly challenging our staff and agents to think “outside the box” to come up with unique solutions and to continue to disrupt the status quo with eye-catching and innovative ways to present properties to ensure our clients’ listings get unrivaled attention.

What Are You Most Looking Forward to at Sundance This Year?

Reconnecting with old friends. Also stealing away for some turns on the slopes which are empty during Sundance (since everyone is in the theaters then).

What’s the One Thing You Always Pack for Sundance?

My snowboard.

Describe Sundance in One Word.